Harold Ickes Takes Over Irritating Loudmouth Duties From Mark Penn

Icky.Now that Mark Penn has been stuffed in a spider hole with a box of Ho-Hos and a well-thumbed issue of Juggs, Hillary Clinton won't have to worry about him ruining anything else for her until September. In the meantime, she can worry about Harold Ickes -- the campaign adviser and borderline exhibitionist who's waging a harassment campaign on uncommitted superdelegates.

But first, the exhibitionism! The LA Times details his penchant for wearing dress shirts "unbuttoned practically to the navel ... like ... an unzipped fly," by which we conclude that he has a vestigial penis on his chest.

He also once bit someone on the leg in some sort of political dispute.

Now Ickes is in charge of forcing every uncommitted superdelegate in the Western hemisphere to back Hillary Clinton. So he has basically turned into a professional stalker, investigating people's personal histories and making historic 3am phone calls and impressing frightened political operatives with his "iron will and intensity." Also his "focus" and "grit." In other words, he embodies everything terrifying, and everything annoying, about the Clinton campaign.

Ickes is Clinton's not-so-secret weapon [Los Angeles Times]

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