Harriet Miers Seeks "Missed Connection"

And no, we're not talking about her failed Supreme Court bid. A Wonkette operative recently sent us this celebrity sighting of the White House Counsel, which we originally planned to use in our next collection of Wonk'd items:

harriet miers new.jpg"In Pentagon Row, walking from Starbucks to Teeter to grab hangover-rememdy/breakfast makings Sunday morning. As I passed the Red Door spa I noticed a grey-haired woman wearing a business suit and trench coat, odd given that everyone else was either out in running gear or sweats."

"I look up to give a courtesy nod and realize it's one-time SCOTUS nominee/Ozzy Osbourne Doppleganger Harriet Miers! Homegirl looks EXACTLY the same in person as on TV, down to the unmistakable black eyeliner and red lipstick. I tried to smile and considered saying something, but Hattie looked pretty busy. Besides, what was I going to tell her -- that I thought about dressing up as Harriet Miers for Halloween? Dubious."

But then we decided this sighting deserved a post of its own, after coming across this Craigslist posting on Missed Connections, from a woman seeking a man she spotted in Pentagon Row, on Sunday morning:

I was meeting my friend (the redhead) outside of Harris Teeter in Pentagon Row on Sunday morning. You were walking right behind her and as I hugged her, I briefly caught your eye. A little later, we saw each other again at Starbucks where I was drinking my coffee, but you left so quickly. ...and what could say...? You were carrying a Bed, Bath and Beyond bag. I'd love to have coffee with *you* sometime. If you think this might be you, drop me a line.

ann veneman.jpg

You think we're kidding, right? Oh, ye of little faith! We even know who the redhead friend is: Ann Veneman, former Secretary of Agriculture and longtime Miers pal!

Harriet, we know that your losing Nathan Hecht to Priscilla Owen broke your heart. But there has got to be a more promising way to meet eligible men than Missed Connections!

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