Harris Campaign Director Always Wanted a Pool

How many people quit the Harris campaign this week?

Virgina blog Too Conservative reported yesterday that campaign director Glen Hodas was out, along with three unnamed others. Hotline reported soon after that spokesman Chris Ingram and field director Pat Thomas were out too. Then Harris sent out a statement that said, in part:

Contrary to earlier reports, Harris has only accepted the resignation of Chris Ingram.

Which happens to make it sound like Thomas and Hodas are chained up in her office basement, forbidden from leaving. We're imagining a sort of climax of Sunset Boulevard situation -- "Nobody leaves a Senator... that's what makes a Senator..." -- and we're hoping for wry, posthumous narration from Mr. Hodas explaining the whole thing. Harris' bizarre European husband makes a very good Erich von Stroheim, too.

So, in other words, if you have any information not gleaned from campy black comedies, we'd love to hear it.

Katherine Harris's Campaign Staff to Resign [Hotline]

Update: Harris Announces Staff Resignation [TooConservative]


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