Harry, Meghan, Queen, Other Ones, Do Thing. Tabs, Mon., Feb. 10, 2020


What are we reading today? Some stuff!

Barr and Giuliani: Ain't nothing gonna stop them now. (Daily Beast)


How much did Trump learn his lesson? SO MUCH. — Molly Jong-Fast

Oh yeah, on Friday Trump fired errebody. (New York Times)

Sup Lindsey?

Mississippi gave tens of millions to a center for poor people, so it wouldn't have to give the money to poor people. Rightwing grifters stole it because that's what they do. — Missippi Today.

Republicans are FINALLY figuring out they should do *fake climate solutions* instead of no climate solutions. Expect a lot of Healthy Clean Happy Forest Air Climate Coal initiatives. (Vox)

Everybody get your recycling shit together, this is important.

An interesting interview with James Carville, being wrong. (Vox)

This is how Vet Sec Robert Wilkie responds to sexual assault claims at the VA: He tries to push dirt on the woman reporting the assault. — ProPublica

It's been six years, but judge tells Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to fork over his purge files. (Greg Palast)

I remember this, it was a lot. Thankfully, ABC is here to protect America from what women go through after they have babies.

Emptywheel: Something about Bill Barr, Jessie Liu, a new US attorney, and Michael Flynn, I couldn't follow it so the tab's going to have to stay open.

This boy stood up for a kid, so the kid's bully shot and killed him.

I Don't Want to Be the Strong Female Lead. This is very good. — NYT

Do you like being murdered by poems? The Ballad Of Laura Nelson — Utne Reader


It was a short tabs, because of how I didn't have open that many tabs.

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