Harry Reid And His Son Rory Reid Hate Each Other, And, Evidently, The State Of Nevada

Harry Reid And His Son Rory Reid Hate Each Other, And, Evidently, The State Of Nevada

The only thing Nevada hates more than its loathed Senator Harry Reid is the possibility of a "Reid Political Dynasty," wherein Reids of all variations of rounded, wire-frame glasses manage to become elected to public office throughout the state. So why then does Harry Reid's son, alliterative nuisance Rory Reid, insist on running for governor when absolutely no one wants him to, including his own father? This used to not even be a big deal, back when Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley was expected to beat Rory Reid in the Democratic primary, but now Barbara Buckley dropped out of the race, leaving Nevada with no other choice but to embrace the Reids as its own species of charmless desert Kennedy.

It has gotten to the point at which Reids Harry and Rory both wish the other one didn't even exist. What was that thing Tolstoy said, about families? "Every happy family is happy because it is not that of Harry Reid, whose son publicly hates him"?

"Expecting Sen. Reid to face a tight reelection race, his advisers see Rory Reid's presence on the 2010 ballot, in the cold calculus of political campaigns, as one in a series of preelection risks. It's a view that some are spreading throughout Nevada political circles."

"Not surprisingly, the talk rankles Rory Reid's camp, which sees the senator's unpopularity as a potential drag on its candidate."

The GOP's candidate will of course replace Harry as Rory's father in 2010 probably, but at this point it may be too late to bail out Nevada from suffering through another generation of the worst lineage of humans on Earth.

[Political Wire]


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