Harry Reid Takes Lead By Default Over That Thing Sharron Angle


Sen. Harry Reid has finished ahead of his Teabagger/Republican opponent Sharron Angle for the first time in his re-election campaign, so if Republicans are not already kicking themselves for nominating a crazy instead of a bland, they are now. Harry Reid was once written off, but Angle has allowed him to catch up by admitting some of her beliefs, and also Reid has a competent staff that can make media hay out of such things. But Angle is not admitting defeat yet! (Shut up, media. Of course she isn't. The election is in November.)

Oh good, now they will be more effective at this thing the Sharron Angle people call "campaigning." Watch out, Harry Reid, you will not be able to defeat a Sharron Angle that commits three times the gaffes!

Seriously, Nevada Republicans. Your state, like most everyone in America, hates Harry Reid. You really have no bland people you can run for the major offices there?


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