Harry Reid Wants To Save Nevada Prostitutes From 2016 Republican National Convention

Even though our Kenyan Dictator B. Barry Bamz was re-crowned only last year, it is already time to start thinking about the next Presidential election, which also means it is still time to stab ourselves in the eye with a spork everytime Chris Cillizza soils the pages of the Washington Post with the latest meaningless poll about 2016 hopefuls. But before the GOP can keep minorities from voting in 2016, there have to be official nominating conventions where actors talk to empty chairs or something. Cities fight hard to get picked for the conventions because prestige money. And one city vying for the Republican convention is Las Vegas, Nevada.

But our old pal Stormin' Mormon Harry Reid is throwing some cold water on those prospects, per the Reno Gazette-Journal:

“I have been supportive of them on that,” Reid said about the push to bring the GOP convention to Las Vegas, “But that (prostitution) would be an issue.”

There are unconfirmed reports that Sen. David Vitter (R-John) is going to personally investigate these prostitutes to see if they will be a distraction. 

If you are reading Wonkette dot com, then you most likely know that prostitution is legal in Nevada. It is illegal in Las Vegas itself, but there are plenty of legal brothels throughout the state where you can rock out with your cock out in a lady or jam out with your clam out or whatever floats your boat and/or vagina. But Reid doesn't necessarily think this is a good thing.

Reid insisted that Nevada’s system of legalized prostitution is part of Nevada’s bad image.

"There are people who don’t come to the state of Nevada for a number of reasons, like our education system and the image that we have," Reid said. "And one of the (bad) images we have had, gambling, has long since past as a negative. But prostitution hasn’t."

It's not that Republicans are as prudish as the legislation they push. In fact, when it comes to the war on women, it seems that the GOP is more than happy to support women in at least one workplace, per HuffPo:

According to the Association of Club Executives, which represents 4,000 strip clubs, when it comes to national political conventions, Republicans outspend Democrats three-to-one. The group says members of the so-called family values party -- whose platform calls for vigorous enforcement of anti-pornography and obscenity laws -- plunk down on average $150 per person compared to $50 for Democrats.

This makes us both happy because of the hypocrisy, but also very disappointed in our liberal friends. Let's not be cheap when we are watching ladies (and gents) shake it like a polaroid picture.

Based on the economic data and variety of strip clubs, it seems that Las Vegas and the GOP are a good match. However, only time will tell if prostitution is a reason that Republicans choose another city. But we kinda hope they go for Vegas. Maybe a hooker can find a way to remove the stick that seems to be jammed up the ass of every Republican in Congress. Also, we are hoping that some brothel will note that blowjobs count as 'job creation.'

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