Has Robert Gibbs Been High On Liberals' Marijuana?

Has Robert Gibbs Been High On Liberals' Marijuana?
  • Obama's talky person Robert Gibbs is in big trouble with the dudes who used to sell him dope: the Professional Left. Now that he's safely in the White House and no longer subject to the daily drug tests America's few working people are forced to endure thrice daily, Gibbs can point and laugh at the libtards for liking communists and Canada so much that they'll even pay attention to Dennis Kucinich. Uh, but didn't Kucinich sort of choose to help Obama win the nomination, in 2008? It's hard to remember through the Fog of War & Fog of Bongs, but Kucinich did indeed tell his supporters to back Obama in the crucial Iowa primary. That sort of "changed" things, didn't it? As John Nichols of The Nation writes, "On the day of the 2008 Democratic caucuses in Iowa, Kucinich told his supporters that if they did not have a critical mass of backers at individual caucuses, they should throw in with Obama as the most viable progressive. That was a critical decision, since Obama only narrowly beat former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, who was making a big play for liberal backing." First Lady Rielle Hunter would be doing witchcraft in Spain today if not for this clutch Iowa assist from Dennis K., right? No, but Acting President Sarah Palin would probably be nuking Spain today, to kill the Mexicans in Arizona. [NPR/LA Times/Vanity Fair]
  • Still, the Obama Administration has actually done much of what it promised, despite this awful Great Recession and a wall of sandbags in Congress called "Republicans" and "Some Democrats." Health care for kids, a big health care law for adults, "glass ceiling" legislation, jobs and education bills, stimulus, etc. Staying in Afghanistan and that idiotic call for more offshore drilling really is stuff that annoys the "Professional Left" more than "mainstream Democrat voters," and most of the latter still love their Barry O, and he actually had a pretty good night at the polls, last night. (And Obama personally called Kucinich to plead for the worthless communist's crucial vote on Health Care Reform, but who can remember such things, right?) [USA Today/The Plum Line]
  • Why didn't Connecticut voters appreciate Linda McMahon's very relevant and crucial experience running the World Wildlife Federation when she spent an insane $20 million to win a three-way GOP race to run for Senate in November? Experts say it's because she actually ran the slob-entertainment company WWE, which is what the idiot wrasslin' teevee shows are called now -- but because sourpuss Linda refused to ever mention her career broadcasting garbage to poor Americans, we can all be forgiven for thinking she's actually the daughter of teevee huckster Ed McMahon. [CBS News/7 Online]
  • Speaking of last night's quadroprimary, we liveblogged the HELL out of it, and you can relive the excitement (?) here and here and here and even here.

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