Has Roger Stone Been Telling COMMON FIBS About His Collusion With WikiLeaks?

Good morning, Trump-Russia scandal class! We are your teacher, Wonkette, and we are probably already drunk!

Does anyone here remember the name Randy Credico? It's OK if you don't, because we haven't really covered him much. But he is a very weird New York radio host guy and comedian, and he was reportedly the point of contact between Roger Stone (weird pervy guy with yellow-white hair and oddly misshapen head) and Julian Assange (weird pervy front for Russian intelligence outfit "WikiLeaks" with silver-white hair and oddly misshapen head). Credico was subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee to testify about this matter, back when that committee was pretending to investigate the Russia thing.

Over a period of many months, Roger "dirty trickster with misshapen head" Stone has insisted he had no formal "in" with WikiLeaks, that he had no real foreknowledge of the Russian WikiLeaks attacks on Hillary Clinton's campaign, and that any tweets or statements he's made that suggested he did -- like when he tweeted that John Podesta's time in the barrel was coming VERY SOON -- were nothing more than funny coincidences.

Also Stone emailed his excitable good boy aide Sam Nunberg on August 4, 2016, to say that he "dined" with his "new pal Julian Assange," but Stone says that was just a hilarious joke.

Well! Wall Street Journalwith a scoop! Turns out when Stone told the House Intel Committee he "merely wanted confirmation" that WikiLeaks would soon take a shit all over Hillary Clinton and bury her in an unmarked grave, he might have been eliding a few History Facts:

Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone privately sought information he considered damaging to Hillary Clinton from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to emails reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Privately sought ... from WikiLeaks! Through that Randy Credico dude!

According to these emails, Stone was actively reaching out for specific damaging information on Hillary Clinton, which kind of seems to hurt his case that NO COLLUSION, NO COLLUSION, YOU ARE THE COLLUSION:

In a Sept. 18, 2016, message, Mr. Stone urged an acquaintance who knew Mr. Assange to ask the WikiLeaks founder for emails related to Mrs. Clinton’s alleged role in disrupting a purported Libyan peace deal in 2011 when she was secretary of state, referring to her by her initials.

“Please ask Assange for any State or HRC e-mail from August 10 to August 30--particularly on August 20, 2011,” Mr. Stone wrote to Randy Credico, a New York radio personality who had interviewed Mr. Assange several weeks earlier.

According to WSJ, Credico was like "Hey why don't you check the WikiLeaks website" and Stone was like "U DUMB IF U THINK EVERYTHING THEY HAVE IS ON WEBSITE." Basically Stone was asking Credico to ask WikiLeaks to please check the stock room to see if maybe they had the emails he wanted back there.

It continued:

In another email, Mr. Credico then asked Mr. Stone to give him a “little bit of time,” saying he thought Mr. Assange might appear on his radio show the next day. A few hours later, Mr. Credico wrote: “That batch probably coming out in the next drop...I can’t ask them favors every other day .I asked one of his lawyers...they have major legal headaches riggt now..relax.”

Geez, Roger, they'll release them when they release them! Can you just be patient? WikiLeaks is receiving so many Trump-Russia conspiracy requests right now you'll just have to WAIT IN LINE. According to WSJ, Credico told them Roger Stone is VERY ANNOYING, and don't take that with a grain of salt, because Wonkette can exclusively confirm that Roger Stone is VERY ANNOYING, based on the twitch we get every time we hear his voice or gaze upon his oddly misshapen head.

Stone continues to insist he never got any sexxxy goods from WikiLeaks, therefore he did nothing wrong. It's not collusion or conspiracy if the Russian front you're trying to collude or conspire with refuses to put out, after all! (Actually, that's not quite right, sir!)

Stone failed to share these emails with the House Intel Committee, which suggests he's trying to hide something:

Adam Schiff (D., Calif.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the emails hadn’t been provided to congressional investigators. “If there is such a document, then it would mean that his testimony was either deliberately incomplete or deliberately false,” said Mr. Schiff ...

Imagine that, Roger Stone deliberately misleading Congress! It's almost like he's a dirty trickster liar or something.

WSJ has these emails now, which means we can be pretty sure Robert Mueller has had them for ages. And now, Randy Credico has reportedly become VERY COOPERATIVE with Mueller's investigation, which has made Stone VERY ITCHY, and we don't just mean the kind of Very Itchy he may have allegedly gotten from a tawdry night in a swingers club a million or so times, allegedly:

As Mr. Credico has become more vocal about what he says are discrepancies in Mr. Stone’s account, Mr. Stone has responded with a series of threats, according to emails and text messages reviewed by the Journal.

In early April, in one of those emails, Mr. Stone accused Mr. Credico of serving as an informant.

“Everyone says u are wearing a wire for Mueller,” the April 7 email said. Two days later, Mr. Stone wrote: “Run your mouth = get sued.”

LOL bro, whatev.

Reached for comment about these new revelations, Roger Stone started to speak but then was suddenly assassinated by the Deep State, and we were like "OMG!" but don't worry, he got better.

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