Has The Right Paranoia-ed Itself Out Of Ever Having Another Public Demonstration?

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Has The Right Paranoia-ed Itself Out Of Ever Having Another Public Demonstration?

Today was supposed to be the big "Justice For J6" rally, organized by former Trump aide and aspiring right wing celebrity, Matthew Braynard. A bunch of pro-Trump conservatives were supposed to descend on Washington and, I suppose, protest in support of all of the people who got arrested just for trying to overthrow the government back on January 6. This makes a lot of logical sense if you are a conservative, in which case your news media has told you for decades that it is supposed to be totally fine for you to overthrow the government, so long as you are a Real American and you feel like someone is trying to do tyranny to you.

Alas, after Trump called the whole thing a "set-up" and various groups like the Proud Boys and far-right message boards kept telling people not to go because it was a "false flag," not too many people showed up. Maybe like 100-150, 200 might be too generous. There isn't really much to say about it other than that.

I watched some of the hour and a half long rally on the livestream, but there was not much to it.

Via Washington Post:

The rally's poor attendance comes as no surprise. Organizers said they expected about 700 attendees, but many influential figures on the far right actually discouraged their followers from showing up, asserting the event was a trap. Baseless rumors have ricocheted through social media to the effect that the federal government was attempting to lure demonstrators to Washington to arrest them, and that left-wing activists disguised themselves as Trump supporters would deliberately cause trouble.

The part I enjoy the most about this was that the "left wing activists" were going to all dress like them and make them look bad. Have they seen themselves? Have they seen video footage of Proud Boys or various militia groups? The QAnon Shaman? They need absolutely no one's help to make themselves look bad. They do a fantastic job of that themselves.

I guess the real downside is supposed to be that the Capitol police got all prepared and brought in cops from other districts for fear that the attendees would do something messed up, but eh. Hard to get worked up over that.

One Twitter user noted that, "on the plus side there were so few of them that it was impossible for them not to do social distancing.

But I say it's all plus side.

Think about it. These people are such paranoid conspiracy theorists that they thought that their own event to protest the arrests of their fellow paranoid conspiracy theorists was a "false flag." If that's the way they're going now, how are they ever going to have a public demonstration again? How are they going to trust one another? Because really, any of them could be a member of Antifa trying to make them look bad. How would they even begin to tell the difference between a member of Antifa trying to make them look bad and a QAnon supporter or Proud Boy just being themselves? How would they tell the difference between a truly devoted Trumpist who wants to overthrow the government and a secret agent trying to fit them up for a plot to overthrow the government?

I imagine that would be quite difficult. I don't think I would be able to tell, myself. Hell, I still haven't figured out why they are even upset about all of the arrests at the January 6 insurrection when they also keep insisting that all of the people there causing trouble were Antifa activists trying to make them look bad. It's all very confusing.

Between this and the fact that they're dissuading their own selves from voting by insisting that elections are easily rigged, they're basically deplatforming their own selves. And it's not our fault, really — because we could all make 10,000 social media posts each about how no, the election was not rigged, or no, no one is bothering to 'false flag' you all and they would never believe us.

Eventually, they are all going to be so paranoid that they just leave us all alone forever, and frankly, I'm not that mad at that. You know, so long as they don't turn into the Unabomber.

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