Hastert's New BFF: Craziest Preacher Ever

A dangerous nut and Dr. K.A. Paul - WonketteIt's time we introduced you to K.A. Paul, evangelist, minister, crazy person, and confidante to embattled House Speaker Dennis "Rockin' in the Graveyard" Hastert. Here'sThe New Republic:

Liberia's Charles Taylor, Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic, and Iraq's Saddam Hussein are among the more infamous butchers to talk with Paul about the moral implications of running a brutal, repressive, and occasionally genocidal regime.

Paul met with Hastert for a half-hour on Tuesday. Paul says he tried to convince Hastert to resign, and this is hopefully the very last time we will agree with him on anything.

TPMMuckraker brings us some great examples of K.A. Paul nuttiness. The best item, maybe the greatest medicine show preacher con ever, is "claiming another minister's leper colony as his own, and videotaping said lepers for a promotional video." Sonuvabitch stole another man's lepers. We're also pretty sure he has "love" and "hate" tattooed on his hands. Rich widows, watch out.

Oh, right, Hastert. The story got even weirder with Lynn Sweet's report today that Hastert had no idea who the fuck this guy was and let him in his house for apparently no reason. "Dr." Paul's ministry helpfully provided the bizarre picture above.

Hastert Duped Into Letting Stranger Inside [Sun-Times]

In Hour of Need, Hastert Turns to Nut-Job Evangelist? [TPMMuckraker]


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