Have You Considered Trying to Write Essays That Don't Make Us Want to Claw Our Eyes Out?

Dear Ann Hornaday:

We read with great interest your essay today about how you both greatly admire and are intensely jealous of Susan Orlean. Our favorite part was that you made up a kooky new word: "idolspize"! It's "idolize" plus "despise," right? That's clever. Good one! Though we might have called it "jealovesy" or "admenvy." We suspect you've already optioned the rights to that word for millions of dollars, but in case you haven't, we've found a perfect way for you to leverage your ability to combine old, boring words into super-catchy new ones that describe feelings that previously would have taken four -- or even five! -- words to properly describe:


That Wonderful Woman! Oh, How I Loathe Her! [WP]

eClass: Chick Lit [mediabistro]


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