Have You Ever Looked At Dana Milbank? We Mean, Really Looked At Dana Milbank?

See that?  That's a protest sign, by god

Whoah, man, you know what would be so awesome? You know that dude who's, like, on trial for all holding up the sign that says "Bong Hits 4 Jesus"? What if you wrote, like, a column about the court case, and used all these "hip" and "with it" drug lingo references that made it sound like the judges were all high? That'd be so fuckin' hilarious!

And then, what if you wrote a blog post making fun of the column, and, like, implying that the dude who wrote the column was high when he wrote it? Would you be, like, just as lame? Or would it be ironic and shit?

Up in Smoke at the High Court [WP]


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