Have Your War And Veto It Too

* President Bush vetoes Iraq funding. Congressional reaction was strong, "Everybody holds their nose and maybe a couple of times vomits." [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT]

* Justice Department ethics questions raised over one US Attorney's desperate attempts to flee Montana. [WP]

* A true pimp like John Boehner knows how to have his phone calls taped and get paid off those bitches ten years later. [WP]

* Paul Wolfowitz goes to Belgium to escape his problems using "a conference on education for the poor" as his cover story. [NYT, LAT]

* Yesterday's immigration protests were a lot smaller than last year's, proof that the "shoot 'em on sight" border policies work. [NYT]

* Rudy Giuliani's ties to a Texas law firm, and the general stuff that comes out of his mouth, could get him in trouble for being a "heavy emitter of air pollutants." [NYT]

* Iraq war is driving the State Department crazy. [USAT]


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