HBO's 'Flight of the Conchords' Screening Party

HBO bought the kids some Sparks, sent a copy of their new funny indie show to the Rock n Roll hotel, and had a little party last Saturday night. Because we were... out of town, we sent the former Intern Nick (last Friday was his last day! Wish him well!) and the intrepid Liz Gorman to cover the shenanigans. Oh, and Andy Rourke was there for some reason.

Liz's pictures are all right here, and Nick's inspiring report is after the jump. (And for those playing along at home, find our nightlife reporters in their natural habitat hidden somewhere in this gallery).

"Flight of the Conchords" Screening Party Gallery

The country's most cult inspiring teevee network bought the love of several hundred of DeeCee's most cult inclined on Saturday night with an advance showing of their new series Flight of the Conchords at Rock and Roll Hotel.

There was already a line on the sidewalk by 9:30, evidence of just how ready the average person is to have their attention paid for with Sparks and mini-falafel sandwiches. Since the show is only 30 minutes long, it ran a few times over, which taught anyone paying attention that the humor of quirky loveable idiot Australians, isn't like The Chapelle Show, it gets less funny every time. People we bothered to ask did seem to like it though, in a "let me look at this for ten seconds, oh that's cute, more drinks please!" kinda way.

It should be mentioned that as excited about snacks and rail liquor as everybody was, this type of party, from HBO's perspective, is classified as "bare bones, meager rations." No actors, writers, or, ah, grips from the show were there, just two lousy posters and the same pull-down screen you watched film-strips on in junior high. Basically, how it goes down is some HBO suit in New York tasks his assistant with finding out who the "nightlife tastemakers" are in DC, and the assistant calls the BYT party hotline, cause who else are they gonna call? DCist? Then HBO writes a check to the bar, and waits for "the buzz." Cincinnati probably got the same deal. Not that there's anything wrong with that. You can't really ask more from a channel than all the cocktails you can carry and some actually good shows to watch on Sunday while the headache goes away.


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