He Cut Off His Dreads After 9 Years, Here's What Was Hiding! Tabs, Fri., Aug. 27, 2021

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President Joe Biden's remarks yestertoday after the Afghanistan bombing. Yes of course Peter Doocy was a fucking dick.

An Afghan girl was born on a C-17. She is named Reach. (Military Times)

Biden is the anti-Trump and the media hates it. — Eric Boehlert at PressRun

Whose fault is the Afghanifuck? Greg Greene at The New Republic posits: How about (the Senate's and) Ted Cruz's?


Trumpy doctors (including ones who stormed the Capitol, because they are go-getters) have quite a nice little online moneymaker prescribing the horse dewormer. (NBC News)

District judge in Michigan ruled Wednesday (judge's opinion PDF) that Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and all the former president's lawyers performed a "historic and profound abuse" of the legal system, and she wants their goddamn badges. — Reuters

US economic journalism is class-biased? Fuck you, Cambridge paper! Oh wait, that sounds right. (Cambridge)

This is a really good thread picking apart a bullshit study, and you should read it right now.

What should we do about the problem of people living in the street? How about "give them housing"? — NOEMA Mag

The mortgage bankers all said "oh no no, the racial disparities in lending go away if you see this information that is secret," so they got the information that had been secret and guess what happened??????? (The Markup)

Investors just can't quit you, coal. — Business Insider

Canada renamed a mountain from "[Slur for First Nations Woman]'s Tit." Probably cancel culture or something, I would guess. (CBC)

Crazy "Succession"-style drama, with a side of Livia Soprano, at this Catskills fat camp for kids! — Bloomberg

Meet SquarEat, a startup that created a problem — lack of NutriCubes — and solved it, with food in cubes. (Vice)

Here is an easy-ass cucumber basil lime gimlet. I'm not at all sure about the lemonade though, seems ungimlety. — Liquor

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