He Doesn't Need Your Flyover State

I can't look at this without gigglingGiuliani, once the iron-willed, practically unbeatable mayor of 9/11 has realized that his bullshit Nu Yawker faux conviviality crazy-eyed ferretty genius doesn't play in many of the early primary states. So, he's saying fuck it. Fuck Iowa, Fuck New Hampshire, Fuck South Carolina, he doesn't need to win there as long as he can con old people in Florida (ex New Yorker snowbirds) and California to vote for him. He's basically running the Democrats' regular strategy (get the big blue states and some of the swing states) in the Republican primary, figuring that the red states will stay red in the general. Also, his campaign manager calls him "momentum-proof," by which we think he meant that Rudy doesn't need no stinkin' momentum like all the candidates before him in order to win, but what it actually means it that he can't possibly build any and that's probably more accurate. [NY Times]


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