This week, our omnipresent eyes and ears spotted Brit Hume, Jean Schmidt, Tony Snow, Ron Paul, Elvis Costello, Katie Couric, Patrick McHenry, Hillary Clinton, and Tom DeLay, then wrote about spotting them in emails, which they sent to us. And now all those emails are posted after the jump!

See someone sorta famous in DC? Tell us all about it in an email with the subject line "Wonk'd" or "sightings."

* Saw Brit Hume at National Airport Wednesday around 6 PM. Looked like he was on his way out after walking through security. I said under my breath but loud enough for him to hear: "You report. Hahaha." He looks a lot less attractive in person -- really wrinkly face.

* Sunday 9/23 - Ohio Rep Jean Schmidt at a gas station in Cincinnati. She was on a power trip through the store and bought a banana, which she BIT INTO without peeling, before speeding off in her pink Mustang Convertible with the license plate OHIO REP.

* Saw Tony Snow eating lunch at Oceanaire on Mon. 9/24. Looked better than he did when he was last on TV. Was dining with some fat bald guy.

* I was driving home from work tonight [9/24] in Alexandria and got behind a car with Congressional plates from Texas' 14th District. This car in question happened to run a red light. Guess who's the Congressman from Texas' 14th... Yep, Ron Paul

* My personal history of District sightings took a turn for the cool yesterday [9/24]. Elvis Costello strolled past me as I was waiting for the Circulator bus in front of the Four Seasons in Georgetown. He was toting a large Barnes & Noble bag, was dressed in a disheveled, rock star way and seemed to be enjoying his walk.

* Katie Couric at Landini Brothers in Old Town Alexandria Right Now [Tuesday, 1 pm]. She showed up in a town car with two other pretty blonds and meet another young brunette with a young son. They are sitting on the sidewalk at a table for 4 and you can hear her voice up and down the street. I was sitting at the table next to her as she sat down and she took my chair when I left to add to her table. She looks really snazzy in a black dress.

* Sighting: little Patrick McHenry. Last night [9/26] at the America Supports You Nascar dinner at Walter Reed flirting with Tony Stewart. Really sucking up. Now, we agree that Mr. Stewart is a nice hunk o' burning love, but face it Patrick, he's just not that into you.

* I was boarding the 2pm USAir shuttle to New York last Friday, September 21. I noticed we were passing two secret service agents as we boarded the plain and then, there was Hilary, sitting right next to the emergency exit, reading the New York Times. She was wearing a very puffy bright blue jacket that made her look much heavier and washed out.

* Tom DeLay, 4th floor, Cannon House office building. yesterday [9/27] around noon. was walking down the hall with an aide. i was on my way to take a piss and was kind of startled to see him. i stared at him for a bit too long, he kind of snarled back, then pretended i wasn't there and kept talking to his aide as he walked down the hall. dickface.


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