Heckuva Job, Mappie: Google Disappears Post-Katrina Map Pix

Heckuva Job! - WonketteThere are now two places on Earth where New Orleans isn't a half-abandoned wasteland: Micheal "Brownie" Brown's mind and Google Maps.

Inexplicably, the satellite maps the world has come to depend upon were replaced with pre-Katrina maps for the storm-wrecked Gulf Coast.

After Katrina, Google's satellite images were in high demand among exiles and hurricane victims anxious to see if their homes were flooded or damaged by the storm. Pete Gerica, a fisherman who lives in eastern New Orleans, said he printed pictures of his waterside homestead from Google to use in his arguments with insurance adjusters.
Ohhhhh. Well, who would benefit from getting rid of those pictures?

Google Replaces New Orleans Map With Pre-Katrina Images [Fox News]


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