Help Me, Obi Wannsylvania! You're My Only Hope.

  • Huzzah, the Dow went back up yesterday, and credit markets appear to be thawing. [Washington Post]
  • Sarah Palin will be talkin' today about "gettin' energy to flow into hungry markets" and discussin' her history as an oil and gas regulator in the Russian breakaway republic of Alaska. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Barack Obama's blanket-coverage, half-hour infomercial cost $3 million. Surely there are some advertising types who read this site and can tell us if this is very expensive or the bargain of the century. [New York Times]
  • John McCain is fixating on Pennsylvania like an old hound gnawing on a beef shank he buried in the back yard five years ago and just dug up again. [ABC News]
  • Everybody needs to quit picking on Sarah Palin because she is a very accomplished woman, and making fun of her accent is sexist. [New York Daily News]
  • Oh noes racism will not end with swearing-in of black president. [Washington Post]
  • The Syrians and the Iraqis are all kinds of mad with the U.S. for the recent bombing incursion into Syria. [Bloomberg]

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