salad_tossers.jpgWonkette needs interns! Like, more than one. Three, maybe? Four? Who knows, we're just playing this by ear.

The interns will do various odd jobs, some of which we know about and others we have yet to invent. You will be paid, a little bit. It probably will require daytime availability, but "daytime availability" more or less means "an hour to waste on the internet in the morning or afternoon."

We'd like at least one of the new kids to be based in Washington (and Ken wouldn't mind having someone to walk his dog, so LA's good too).

What we don't want:

* Resumes

* Attachments

* Bullshit

We would probably like to see the following:

* A sample "Daily Briefing" and/or "Metro Section" and/or "To Do" list.

* Proof that you can string some words together in a vaguely coherent fashion.

* Availability and location.

Start dates will vary, but could be, for some lucky sucker, as soon as next week.

Send applications to (not the Tips line).

Good luck, bored students of the nation.


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