Henry Kissinger Talks About Soccer, Continues to Shrink

Photo by Liz Gorman, tux by Gymboree.

Now that Realpolitik is outta style and grandly idealistic delusions of democracy-spreading rule the day, Henry Kissinger, noted hilarious party impression, is reduced to talking -- at length -- about the World Cup for Newsweek online. At least we think it's Henry Kissinger. How often do you think some outlet accidentally gets Harry Shearer on for a segment to talk about detente?

Listening to Dr. Kissinger talk about the US team's failure to play strategically (he suggests that towards the end of their game against the Czech Republic, they should've sent players to score against the Cambodian team) is a sad reminder that you can boast a Nobel Prize, a couple cabinet positions, and a Spanish extradition request for war crimes, but you still can't get Americans to give a shit about soccer.

Kissinger and the Cup [Newsweek]


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