Ahoy! Let's check in with the shadow president of our American hearts, Canadian god king Justin Trudeau, and see what he has been doing the past few weeks. Before the holiday, we were just cold staring at his crotch, because there he was on the cover of the Delta Airlines in-flight magazine, throwing his crotch at us. But it turns out that, according to Trudeau's Twitter and Instaface, and according to his official photographer Adam Scotti's Twitter, he has been acting sexxxy a whole bunch lately, because he just can't stop himself.

Let's start with a couple pictures of Our Justin being all cute with kids, so you can swoon appropriately. The first two are from Montreal, and in the third and fourth, he is at Toronto Pride, because he's always at Toronto Pride, giving high fives to the ACTUAL WONDER WOMAN and making faces at a baby:

On Canada Day, Our Justin attended some big to-do with Prince Charles, and during that to-do, he sat next to his beautiful wife, Sophie, who was giving their little son Hadrien a bottle. This kid obviously did not care that he was hanging out with royalty, because PFFFFFFT:

Trudeau also said a romance message in French to his nation for Canada Day:

After Canada Day, it was time to go to Ireland. Look at Justin and Sophie Trudeau, getting out of their airplane all smug and beautiful like, "Guess what we're NOT going to do when we descend these stairs? We're NOT going to get lost on the way to our limousine like a weak and sad Donald Trump would."

While in Ireland, Trudeau and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar wore silly socks in each other's general direction, because that is a thing cute world leaders do. Did you know Varadkar is a gay? Bet he liked going to work THAT DAY:

Today, the Trudeaus were in ENGELOND! Here is Mr. Sexypants just talkin' tricks with the Queen, via, the Royal Family's Official Tweeter:

And his trip continues! Next, Trudeau will go to the G20, where he will have to share space with stinky old Donald Trump. Hopefully we'll get some delicious video of Our Justin defeating our idiot president at handshakes again, and if Trudeau can figure out a way to make a jerk-off motion behind Trump's back and somebody catches it on video, Wonkette will give him one (1) shiny Canadian peso as a reward.

OK, those should be enough Justin Trudeau pictures for you to ogle. Also this is your open thread, so commence to yammering NOW.

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