Here Are All 147 Members Of The Terrorist-Inciting GOP Sedition Caucus, May Their Names Forever Be Stained

The news is moving faster than we can possibly keep up with and we're fixin' to maybe just start an ongoing liveblog so we only miss half of it.

But let us not forget to name what happened yesterday. There was a terrorist attack by an insurgent white supremacist anti-American sect, ordered by Donald Trump, an insane autocrat trying to seize power, mostly so he can avoid prison. That's it. How we talk about it matters.

And it also matters that we name those who supported this act, this attempted overthrow of American democracy, by baselessly objecting to the electoral vote counts in states that failed to support their Dear Leader, attempting to disenfranchise millions of Americans they don't consider real Americans — Black voters, brown voters, LGBTQ voters, white voters they consider race traitors because they don't vote for white supremacy.

So let us name them, may their actions follow them around for the rest of their seditious piece of shit lives.

At the top of the heap of people whose names shall live in infamy are GOP Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, who led the coup in the Senate to overturn the will of the people. After the fires started burning, Ted Cruz very poorly paid lip service to trying to cool things down, after he had helped commit the arson. Hawley could hardly be bothered to do that.

Those two garbage fascists were joined in objections to Arizona and/or Pennsylvania by Tommy Tuberville, Roger Marshall, John Kennedy, Rick Scott, brand new Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis, and Cindy Hyde-Smith. Let the record show that these people went ahead and kept up their objections even after the US Capitol building was attacked by domestic terrorists they and their shithole Dear Leader had incited.

In the Senate, it was only those assholes.

In the House, though? Holy shit. They objected to Arizona and somehow even more of them voted to sustain the objection to Pennsylvania in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, as if yesterday's terrorism put a spring in their step, as if the blood in the hallways of the Capitol gave them sustenance.

Again, all of this was after the terrorist attack.

And in the House it wasn't just Arizona and Pennsylvania either. Reps like Louie Gohmert stood up to object to other states too, even though the GOP senators who had originally planned to support those challenges had put down their guns and agreed to end the standoff peacefully. (It was particularly pleasing to watch Vice President Mike Pence glare at Gohmert, who just got finished unsuccessfully suing Pence to make him overturn the election, and tell him his objection to the electors in Wisconsin "MAY NOT BE ENTERTAINED," since he couldn't get even the Senate's dumbest Republican Ron Johnson to sign his treason permission slip anymore.)

Overall, 139 House GOP members voted to object to the electors from Arizona and/or Pennsylvania.

These are their names. They should not be allowed around your children, you should kick them out of your chicken restaurant, and they should always and forevermore be referred to as seditious traitors to democracy in the United States of America. They really should be expelled from Congress.

They're listed by state, to make it helpful for people to know which chicken restaurants to ban them from, specifically.


1. Robert Aderholt

2. Mo Brooks

3. Jerry Carl

4. Barry Moore

5. Gary Palmer

6. Mike Rogers


7. Andy Biggs

8. Paul Gosar

9. Debbie Lesko

10. David Schweikert


11. Rick Crawford


12. Ken Calvert

13. Mike Garcia

14. Darrell Issa

15. Doug LaMalfa

16. Kevin McCarthy

17. Devin Nunes

18. Jay Obernolte


19. Lauren Boebert

20. Doug Lamborn


21. Kat Cammack

22. Mario Diaz-Balart

23. Byron Donalds

24. Neal Dunn

25. Scott Franklin

26. Matt Gaetz

27. Carlos Jimenez

28. Brian Mast

29. Bill Posey

30. John Rutherford

31. Greg Steube

32. Daniel Webster


33. Rick Allen

34. Earl "Buddy" Carter

35. Andrew Clyde

36. Marjorie Taylor Greene

37. Jody Hice

38. Barry Loudermilik


39. Russ Fulcher


40. Mike Bost

41. Mary Miller


42. Jim Baird

43. Jim Banks

44. Greg Pence

45. Jackie Walorski


46. Ron Estes

47. Jacob LaTurner

48. Tracey Mann


49. Harold Rogers


50. Garret Graves

51. Clay Higgins

52. Mike Johnson

53. Steve Scalise


54. Andy Harris


55. Jack Bergman

56. Lisa McClain

57. Tim Walberg


58. Michelle Fischbach

59. Jim Hagedorn


60. Michael Guest

61. Trent Kelly

62. Steven Palazzo


63. Sam Graves

64. Vicky Hartzler

65. Billy Long

66. Blaine Luetkemeyer

67. Jason Smith


68. Matt Rosendale

North Carolina

69. Dan Bishop

70. Ted Budd

71. Madison Cawthorn

72. Virginia Foxx

73. Richard Hudson

74. Gregory Murphy

75. David Rouzer

New Jersey

76. Jeff Van Drew

New Mexico

77. Yvette Harrell

New York

78. Chris Jacobs

79. Nicole Malliotakis

80. Elise Stefanik

81. Lee Zeldin


82. Adrian Smith


83. Steve Chabot

84. Warren Davidson

85. Bob Gibbs

86. Bill Johnson

87. Jim Jordan


88. Stephanie Hice

89. Tom Cole

90. Kevin Hern

91. Frank Lucas

92. Markwayne Mullin


93. Cliff Bentz


94. John Joyce

95. Fred Keller

96. Mike Kelly

97. Daniel Meuser

98. Scott Perry

99. Guy Reschenthaler

100. Lloyd Smucker

101. Glenn Thompson

South Carolina

102. Jeff Duncan

103. Ralph Norman

104. Tom Rice

105. William Timmons

106. Joe Wilson


107. Tim Burchett

108. Scott DesJarlais

109. Chuck Fleischmann

110. Mark Green

111. Diana Harshbarger

112. David Kustoff

113. John Rose


114. Jodey Arrington

115. Brian Babin

116. Michael Burgess

117. John Carter

118. Michael Cloud

119. Pat Fallon

120. Louie Gohmert

121. Lance Gooden

122. Ronny Jackson

123. Troy Nehls

124. August Pfluger

125. Pete Sessions

126. Beth Van Duyne

127. Randy Weber

128. Roger Williams

129. Ron Wright


130. Burgess Owens

131. Chris Stewart


132. Ben Cline

133. Bob Good

134. Morgan Griffith

135. Robert Wittman

West Virginia

136. Carol Miller

137. Alexander Mooney


138. Scott Fitzgerald

139. Tom Tiffany

These are the people who either incited yesterday's attackers, gave them aid and comfort as terrorist sympathizers, or both.

May they wear this around their necks as long as they all shall live.

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