Here Are The Tell-Tale Signs Of A Cheap Steak. Tabs, Wed., Jan. 12, 2022

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In Year Three, Fauci has had it with allll their shit. (Talking Points Memo / Salon)

How do you even deal with this?

After [QAnon anti-vaxx leader Cirsten] Weldon’s death, her QAnon allies threatened to pursue violent action against staff at the hospital where she died. Scott McKay, a QAnon personality known as the “Patriot Streetfighter,” said he would publicize the names of doctors and nurses involved in treating Weldon, saying he wanted to “put the fear into these medical professionals” in a Telegram post. McKay proposed the hospital staff be sentenced to death, or be murdered in vigilante violence.

But yeah, Merrick Garland is criminalizing parents being "passionate" about masks or CRT. (Daily Beast)

I tried to figure out who Ray Epps is, and I got dumber. (Washington Post)

About mortality rates. — Wikipedia

No bueno.

Republican voting officials (all voting officials are Republican voting officials now) in rural Georgia county might close all but one polling place, for the excellent reason of because they can. — Atlanta Journal Constitution

Your top 5 year end gerrymandering shenanigans. (Talking Points Memo)

What's actually in the voting rights bills? Dan Froomkin, after many words yelling at the New York Times and CNN, would like to tell us, eventually! — PressWatchers

Trump was mean to South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds I guess, wanking emoticon. (CNN)

Dame Magazine has had it with these motherfucking bros hoovering up all the "journalism" money, Ben Smith and the guy from Bloomberg edition. And Wonkette HEAR the fuck HEARs. (Dame)

Everything you needed to know about salt. (Mashable)

Inside Julia Child's DC home? YOU FUCKIN THINK? — Veranda


The end.

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