Here Goes South Carolina's Treason Flag. Bye-Bye Treason Flag! Byeeeee!

Crowds chanted "USA! USA! USA!" and sang "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey-Hey, Goodbye" as South Carolina Highway Patrol officers removed the Confederate flag from the Statehouse for the last time Friday morning. We suppose we could nitpick and wish that maybe the crowd had spontaneously broken into "We Shall Overcome," but those other ones certainly do the job, too.

The furled flag will now go to the "Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum" near the Capitol, and the pole will be removed from the Confederate war memorial, lest any idiot be tempted to run up a new Treason Flag, particularly when the KKK shows up next Saturday.

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Now that the state has officially rejoined the union, maybe in a few more decades South Carolina voters can rename the museum The Trash Heap Of History.


Doktor Zoom

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