Here I Lie, In My Hospital Bed


  • Like to smoke your cigarettes on California's beaches? Sounds like you need a visit from Doctor Death Panel. [SF Gate]
  • Hillary Clinton performed at the AIPAC jam-band festival. You're an anti-Semite for even reading these words. [BBC News]
  • The New York Times is sort of sorry for publishing all that untrue crap about ACORN, the non-profit that helped poor people learn to vote and get food. And now ACORN is no more, hooray! [New York TimesCNN]
  • Tired of the Health Care Reform Wars? Perhaps you'll enjoy this Oyster War! [Washington Post]
  • Worried that Arizona doesn't have enough stupid planned this week? Relax! While Sarah Palin is talking about herself instead of campaigning for McCain, forgotten idiot "Joe the Plumber" will be mumbling at some anti-tax thing. Arizona! [AZ Central]

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