Here Is Donald Trump Junior Negging His Girlfriend Because He Is So Good At 'Joke'

Here Is Donald Trump Junior Negging His Girlfriend Because He Is So Good At 'Joke'

You guys, I was SO CLOSE to just declaring flawless victory over today and going home, which conveniently is where I already was. What else was I going to do, write about "blown up RV is probably 5G Q people but also nobody knows anything" or "okay this Sidney Powell expert lady is LEGIT hilarious, but also so hilarious as already written that it would really just be Excessive Blockquote Like A Nineties Blogger"? No. And the other option seemed to be this thread on the Dakota warriors mass-executed on this day by order of Abraham Lincoln, which is a thing we should all know about, so let Ruth Hopkins tell you.

No, today's post will be on ... well, see for yourself.

Guys, get a grip, it's just a joke.

Like this boyfriend's family was just joking when they made "ugly sweater" sweaters with pictures of his girlfriend's face. JUST JOKING!

I (25M) have a girlfriend (23F) who is absolutely beautiful, but she does have a large facial scar. My family often jokes about it, they have a super dark sense of humor. It bothers my girlfriend, and she says it doesn't feel like a joke, it feels like she's being insulted under the pretense of it being dark humor. Even though I explain it's just how they are and they don't mean any harm, she doesn't really want to be around them. I told her it was really important to me we spend Christmas with my family, we would all quarantine first and test but it was important to me. She resisted at first, but after some urging from me she gave in. She said I absolutely could not excuse their behavior if they made a rude comment about her though.

We got there and it was fine for a while. Then my mom and sister broke out their matching ugly sweaters, that had my girlfriends face all over it. They both laughed, saying my mom made them (screen printed) and it was just a joke. My dad thought it was hilarious, I even chuckled a little because she's really beautiful, so it was ironic they put her on the "ugly" sweater. My girlfriend looked at me, and when I said they were just being ironic, she shook her head, got up and left. Didn't say anything to anyone, just took her car and left.

I called her several times, and she didn't answer. The only text I received was "You need to find your own way home." That pissed me off, and I called her a couple more times. The whole time, my mom is upset because it was just a joke and she didn't realize my girlfriend was going to overreact like that. I told her that a warning would have been nice, but my sister agreed it was just a joke and my girlfriend was being a baby about it.

See? They all agreed it was just a joke!

Anyway, obviously Future Pennsylvania Senator Donald Trump Jr. is just joking about Kimberly Guilfoyle, the woman he sleeps with, not anywhere near the malice of the family above; he just made some "funny" words about withholding love and affection from his partner lest she become accustomed to being treated with dignity and respect is all.

Has that ever been problematic in the history of the world, including whatever they did to Donald Trump Sr. to make him turn out like that, where he has to continue the cycle of abuse onto his son and also the entire nation and world?

I rest my case.

Kimberly Guilfoyle laughs, but you can see it hurt her feelings. Her partner "joked" to the world that he emotionally abuses her to keep her controlled and in her place, and she is embarrassed by it. She tries to play it "I'm a cool girlfriend, not like the other girlfriends," but she knows what he just did. And the bells were ringing out on Christmas Day.

Now it is your OPEN THREAD because I said so, BECCA OUT.

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