Here Is Just A Video Of Michelle Obama Dancing, For Fun And Nice-Time!


Watch this video! It is our First Lady Michelle Obama and what appears to be the mom who was way too involved at your middle school/Jimmy Fallon, doing a silly dance! It is the combined birthday wish of both your Editrix Rebecca and FLOTUS Correspondent Blair that you watch this video and do not think too much about it or go looking for trouble with any idiot commenters on the YouTubez. Promise?

Let's recognize for a moment the absolute FACT that Michelle Obama still looks incredibly fantastic doing each of these awful dance moves. This is probably one of the core reasons why many (who happen to more closely resemble the mom on the left) have the kind of deep-seated hatred for our FLOTUS that is otherwise reserved for more villainous creatures (like Anne Hathaway!). But again, not thinking about that today, because double birthday wish. We hope Michelle will forgive us for the many cake slices to be consumed today. [YouTube]


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