Here Is Possibly (Totally) The 'Sovereign Citizen' Who Shot A BLM Officer And Cop, For Freedom

Here Is Possibly (Totally) The 'Sovereign Citizen' Who Shot A BLM Officer And Cop, For Freedom

So here's a story that's just beginning to get some traction: Over the weekend, aCalifornia Highway Patrolman and a BLM officer were shot -- nonfatally, thank goodness -- near a campground in Nevada County, California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Details are still coming out, but authorities have identified the shooter, who was also wounded in the incident, as Brent Douglas Cole, 60. Randall Gross at Little Green Footballs did some searching, and appears to have found Cole's twitter account and Facebook -- he warns that these have not yet been confirmed to belong to the shooter; we would add that it seems fairly likely, however, since the Brent Cole on both those accounts links to a pretty strange bunch of goobletygook "legal documents" (google docs link) filed by Cole in Nevada County. We'll assume this is probably (but not absolutely) the guy, because how many Brent Douglas Coles are there likely to be in the rural Sierras, by which we mean OF COURSE THIS IS THE GUY, JESUS. And this guy is a real piece of work -- a chemtrails enthusiast,birther, and, according to one of his alleged legal filings, a man who's "being persecuted for being a gun owner" by "unwitting or unknowing accomplices of a seditious conspiracy against rights instituted by foreign powers enimical [sic] to the United States of America." We can hardly wait for the Stupidest Man on the Internet to proclaim him a "Leftist."

In addition to "liking" the Oath Keepers, a couple of chemtrails groups, and a group that wants to expose the HAARP conspiracy, Cole has posts about gun rights (including a fake George Washington quote,) and the usual mix of anti-fluoride weirdness and of course plenty of anti-Semitic paranoia, too:

Oh, hey -- sympathy for Detroit? That may make him a "leftist" after all!

Some of the stuff in his court documents -- and we feel bad for the poor court staff who have to read those -- simply screams "Sovereign Citizen Kookhole" (note the weird games with capital letters:

  • Comes now the man, brent-douglas: cole, aka Brent Douglas Cole, a natural born, flesh and blood, living man with this written answer to the “criminal charges” against me: My standing in this court is as a federal officer, specifically exempted from these codes: But this court has refused to acknowledge my standing, which must be determined to adjudicate this case.
  • The judiciary is controled by a private guild, controled by foreign powers. That courts of the United States are manifestly unjust is evinced by the fact that the U.S. incarcerates more than any other nation. Purchased votes of “representatives” legislate criminality with presumptions of guilt and crime, and violations of due process. Proceedings in Admiralty divests citizens of their rights and protections, and for profit prisons are filled using treasonous Bills of Pain and Suffering...

His main defense appears to be that the Second Amendment is sacrosanct, and that he can't have violated any California firearms laws because the Second Amendment prohibits states from having any firearms laws at all. Cole also appears to have declared himself a "statutory Attorney General of the United States, arising under 18 U.S.C. § 1961(10) and the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Rotella v Wood" -- a 1999 case that had to do with when the statute of limitations in the RICO law limited a plaintiff's ability to collect damages, and as far as we know, doesn't allow people to declare themselves attorney general of anything. (But that's just what the Reptilian Shapeshifters want you to believe, now isn't it?)

We bet there's a lot of other amusing made-up legal stuff in those documents, but we really need to be doing something -- anything -- else than read them right now. Readers who find especially hilarious claims are invited to share them in the comments.

Update: Via alert commenter "zippy_w_pinhead," let's just go ahead and call this "more confirmed" -- TPM has confirmed that the case number on the documents linked on Facebook is the same as the misdemeanor firearms charges faced by Brent Douglas Cole, the guy arrested for shooting the officers.

[Sacramento Bee via TPM / LGF via Daily Banter]

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