Congresswoman Mary Bono's Boob Licked By a Lady Donor (UPDATED)


The Constitution is so hard right now.According to photos on Radar that look pretty legitimate, this is Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (R-CA), wife of Congressman Connie Mack (R-FL) being macked on her boob by Edra Blixseth, a former billionaire campaign contributor who is bankrupt and said to be under investigation by the FBI for financial fraud. She is also being sued by everyone on earth, and probably one of them sent this to Radar, which is still a thing, we guess. Is it sexist that this is being reported, as that candidate who sucked that reindeer dildo would have us believe? No, it is sexist that we never see photos of people licking the boobs of male members of Congress, because that would be much funnier.

Bono Mack is, of course, the former wife of Sonny Bono, who also used to be a member of Congress before he died. Which is both hilarious and how she got her job. C'mon, California!

With her head thrown back, Bono's plunging bra is exposed as Blixseth -- who now dates Dallas actor Jack Scalia after splitting from her husband Tim in 2008 -- is seen diving into the politician's cleavage with her tongue out.

Ooh! A Dallas actor! How zeitgeisty. You would never know she has no money.

Here's Bono Mack's general-election opponent from 2008:

"Several women in the California Congressional delegation were embarrassed repeatedly by Mary Bono's behavior and conduct in the Capitol and encouraged me to run because of the embarrassment she brought to the legislature," she told after the photographs were described to her.

"I am not surprised that these pictures exist. She has often spoken about going out with her girlfriends and drinking... she has been known as a strenuous partier."

Oh sheesh, what is the problem with this? There are very few members of Congress that can have any part of their body licked without this brave nation vomiting on sight of it, much less a boob. At least this lady was competent enough not to do her oath of office to John Boehner on a teevee screen.

(Haha, here is a Pareene post we dug up of her half-naked son: "Bonos: Hot!") [Radar]


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