Here's the Insane Video of Marine Vet Scott Olsen Shot At #OccupyOakland


Jesus H. Christ. First it's a lot of BANG BANG BANG and screaming as tear gas fills the air followed by GRAPHIC (there, you're warned if you're at work) footage of former Marine Scott Olsen from Veterans for Peace being carried away by fellow protesters with blood covering his head after being hit in the face by some type of police projectile. The Contra Costa Times mentions "unconfirmed reports that flash-bang grenades and wood dowels were launched at protesters," items that cops assume would, what... tickle the protesters if fired directly at their heads? No, the asshole cops know exactly what they are doing, and the Guardian is now reporting that Olsen is currently in critical condition with a skull fracture. We're glad you survived Iraq, Scott, and it's unbelievably sad that we now have to hope you survive the Oakland Police Department.

Meanwhile, the San Jose Mercury News reports that the main library in Oakland decided to stay open in support as the protesters gathered there:

On Wednesday morning, library Director Carmen Martinez said the City had supported her decision to keep the library open.

In the early afternoon Tuesday, hours before the protest arrived at the library steps, City Administrator Deanna Santana called Martinez and asked how she wanted to handle the situation, Martinez said.

"I said that we are a symbol of civil society for a lot of groups, including this one, and the folks who protested against the libraries budget cuts, and we will remain open as along as service can be continued without disruption," Martinez said. "Deanna said she understood and respected that."

Police also called to ask if the library needed any help or backup, Martinez said, but she declined.

That's cute, the police thought that the library needed protection from protesters. Evil corporate banks, libraries, whatever, same thing.

OccupyOakland is also reporting rumors that not all of the police are excited to participate in the OPD's campaign to smash open the heads of people protesting for their crappy old economic justice, and that some are resigning in protest of last night's brutal clash. [YouTube/San Jose Mercury News/Twitter]


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