Here Is The Set List From The Asian Stop Of Palin's Clowning Tour


It's the future in Hong Kong already, which means that all the details about Palin's mega-secret speech to some investment company have arrived! Oh but first of all, Mazel Tov to Meg Stapleton, who will not be needing to feed some terrible lie into Google Translator only to at first frantically discover that there is no "English-to-Asian" option and later have to explain in Korean or Tagalog to the Hong Konger investors that Sarah "would house speech Vanity Fair mom wink values."

Oh but the speech, you know, blah blah something about Main St., and how Palin is unhappy with absolutely everything about American government except Ronald Reagan, who is LITERALLY dead. And head's up, Palin has decided that what China really needs is a "mechanism" for dealing with the Uighurs. It is not immediately clear from contextual clues that Palin knows what a Uighur is (was?), but what's crucial is that she definitely thinks it (they?) need (needed to?) be dealt with, somehow.

[Huff Post]


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