Hi hi! Evan took the day off, as if that is even allowed, which means somehow it is MY job to do the Republican National Convention Not Watch Party open thread?

That is not what you are paying me for! You are paying me to pay them!

Fucking communists.

CNBC, where are the Thursday night speakers for Night Four of the Republican National Convention?

Here are the Thursday night speakers:

President Donald Trump
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.
Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.
Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., who switched parties last year
Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and White House advisor
White House advisor Ja'Ron Smith
Ann Dorn, widow of retired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, who was killed in June
Wisconsin businesswoman Debbie Flood
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Evangelical leader Franklin Graham
Alice Johnson, whose life sentence for drug charges Trump commuted
Carl and Marsha Mueller, parents of Kayla Mueller, an American humanitarian worker killed by ISIS
Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Well that is just very can miss TV! Plan on beginning to miss it at 8:30 Eastern!

PBS can we get a livestream?

WATCH LIVE: 2020 RNC Night 4 | Direct Feed featuring Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Rudy Giuliani www.youtube.com

Wonkette, can we get a "three hours of amazing nature scenery and relaxing music for stress relief"? Oh you fucking betcha.

3 Hours of Amazing Nature Scenery & Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. www.youtube.com

Who loves you, baby?

(It's us! But also it's this guy, as I and my hardcore Berner mom who also thinks Joe bizarrely turned out to be great for this moment decided should be called: "President Who Loves You Baby"!)

Hello Joe https://wonkettebazaar.com/collections/joe-biden-2020

Fuck all y'all I'm out!

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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