Here Is Video of John McCain Walking Alone Through Desert Talking To Himself


[youtube expand=1]

This ad is called "vital" because John McCain's vital signs are falling as he walks alone through the desert, in a demented haze, to his impending death from dehydration. It's cute that he's wearing that hat and those sleeves rolled up like his staffers taught him in 2008. Guess that's the way he wants to go. Oh, that's nice, he's seeing a mirage: There are happy Arizonans here in the desert with him. And they want to hear what he has to say. That's a nice thought, old man. Tell them about rebuilding our economy! Bet they want to hear that. So, umm, will they find his body before it's devoured by coyotes/Vietcong?

While Walnuts is turned into jerky, his campaign has launched yet another attack ad:

[youtube expand=1]

Yes, quote a caller to a local talk radio show. That will make you seem like the opposite of "desperate." [YouTube]


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