The memorial service for congressman and American hero John Lewis began at 11 a.m. in Atlanta. Three living presidents will speak: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, who will perform the eulogy. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will also deliver remarks.

As we publish this, Dubya has just finished speaking. Then it'll be Clinton, Pelosi and, in a little while, Barack Obama.

Donald Trump is nowhere to be found, because fuck him. Oh yeah, he's threatening to delay the election.

What was that John Lewis always said about Good Trouble?

Watch with us. Oh yeah, and read the op-ed Lewis wrote in the New York Times, which he asked to be printed on the day of his funeral.

WATCH LIVE | Rep. John Lewis's funeral in Atlanta, Obama to deliver eulogy

Obama's speech was a barn-burner. He basically called Bill Barr and Trump George Wallace for how they're attacking Americans in the streets, and that was before he went all the way to the mat on bringing back voting rights in this country.

It's in the video above if you replay, but this video has it cued up:

LIVE: Barack Obama delivers Eulogy at John Lewis Funeral

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