Here Is Your Video Of Meghan McCain Quitting 'The View,' For Trust But Verify Purposes


The rumors this morning were true, and Meghan McCain is leaving "The View"! Warmest regards, don't come back!

McCain made her announcement, and we have nothing to say about it besides "bye." She says she's staying until the end of July.

After McCain's announcement, they all laughed about how John McCain, who you may have heard was Meghan's father, said "Please take my child" to the people at "The View." He also apparently told them Meghan was a "pain in the ass" -- this was said multiple times in the clip above -- and we bet he meant that in a kidding fatherly way but the rest of us know it's just true and that she is the worst. There was a total look on Joy Behar's face right then, by the way. Sunny Hostin said John McCain told her she'd "learn to love" Meghan. Then Meghan McCain mentioned that her father is dead but once said Sunny Hostin was really beautiful and had a crush on her.

So ... yeah, watch that whole video if you have literally no life.

Here are some of Wonkette's favorite Meghan McCain headlines:

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And with that, Wonkette hopes never to write about Meghan McCain again, but we're fairly certain she'll find a way to disappoint us on that one too.

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