Here Is Your Wonkette Golden Probes Watch Party!

Hi, Wonkers! It's been a heartbreaking and terrible weekend, hasn't it? Here at Wonkette, we like to try to laugh through our rage and our tears, so as we told you earlier this week, tonight is the premiere of the 2018 Golden Probes, which are just like the Golden Globes except for how it is SEXISM'S MOST GLAMOROUS NIGHT. Awards will be given to all the leading lights of sexism and misogyny, people who work tirelessly every day to make America great again for white straight conservative men! Truly, this year's winners will inspire you (to vote the motherfuckers out, hopefully).

We got to go to New York to help with this event, which was put on by Lady Parts Justice, which was founded by bona fide Wonkette pal Lizz Winstead. It. Was. HILARIOUS.

Margaret Cho is the host, Stormy Daniels makes an appearance, and also too there are all kinds of other celebrities! In fact, as it is Sunday and we are lazy, we will just steal the line-up from the Golden Probes website:

Probes is also thrilled to announce special appearances by Stormy Daniels, Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show, founder of Lady Parts Justice), Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne, Jessica Pimentel (Orange Is the New Black), Dan Savage (Host of Savage Lovecast, Writer of Savage Love), Sandra Bernhard, Jordan Klepper (The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper), Kathy Najimy (King of the Hill), Dulcé Sloan (The Daily Show), Michelle Buteau (WNYC's Late Night Whenever), Brian Unger, Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey, Reformed Whores, Sharon Spell, Mike Hot-Pence, Patricia Okoumou, Dr. Willie Parker, Jill Sobule, Ambrosia Parsley, Sarah Hartshorne, Abby Holland ...

AND MORE! Or maybe that is everybody, we cannot remember.

Anyway, it starts at 8 PM ET, and because of the wonders of YouTube, you can watch it right here on ye olde Wonkette! (Because we know how you are and that you like to stay right here at Wonkette, where it's safe.)

Here's a video of fun out-takes from the show:

2018 Golden Probes

And here is your livestream!

The 2018 Golden Probe

Enjoy, and we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning!



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