Here's Your Daily Marjorie Taylor Greene Dumpstupid Fight Club Update!

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Here's Your Daily Marjorie Taylor Greene Dumpstupid Fight Club Update!

We regret to inform you that they're still going.

US American GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Nancy Mace are still warring with each other on the Twitter machine. By all rights they should be getting along, because today's shitbag Republicans aren't really that different from each other, but instead they are warring, the continuation of a kerfuffle that started when Mace went on CNN and condemned fellow GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert's overt anti-Muslim bigotry toward Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. (Maybe Mace likes the old-school Republican way of doing bigotry better, where they at least halfway pretend they aren't being bigots, wink wink nudge nudge.)

Oh look here's one.

Oh look here's one.

Bless her FUCKING heart. That is a thing a southerner says when they have had enough. Responding to a tweet reporting that she said that, Mace simply replied last night, "Here for it."

Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments over Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban, the case that very well may overturn Roe or gut it so thoroughly as to render it unrecognizable. Yesterday, in the Mace/Greene showdown, Greene was yelling at any cloud that would listen that Nancy Mace was "pro-abort." Mace replied that Greene was mistaken.

Seriously, Greene just went on and on about it.

But it turns out that, as is usually the case with Marjorie Taylor Greene, the congressman from Georgia was being even more classless garbage than you might realize. Mace and another tweeter explain:

Oh, so there's a very personal reason Rep. Mace supports rape and incest exceptions to abortion bans.

Now, we could focus on how maybe Rep. Mace and all her fellow conservatives shouldn't be judging others' reasons for needing abortions, and how both Mace and Greene are completely wrong as fuck on this. Indeed, whether social conservatives should be allowed to police other people's wombs is literally what's being argued at SCOTUS today, in front of a team of unqualified partisan Republican hack justices. But that's not the purpose of this post. This is about what a classless gutter troll Marjorie Taylor Greene is.

As the day gets going, Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying stupid shit about ending abortion, because all she does is say stupid shit. But instead of focus on that, we'll at least for now give Mace the last word, as she explained to conservative radio host Guy Benson last night why she's willing to stoop down and fight with somebody as low as Marjorie Taylor Greene:

She’s a grifter, she lies to grift and it’s not okay, she is pulling the wool over so many eyes, so many vulnerable people. Lying to them like she’s fighting for them. She has no power, she has, she’s done nothing for America or the American people since she got elected to Congress. She doesn’t have the ability to. Meanwhile, I’m passing legislation to help gold star families. I’m passing legislation that helps our national security. I just went on this bipartisan codel [congressional delegation] and stood up to China. Like, this is the work that I was hired to do, and I’m doing that work. She hasn’t done a damn thing since she got into office.

Well all right then, as long as they keep fighting. And they probably will. CNN reports that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy begged them both separately to stop fighting yesterday, but he's a bad leader and nobody listens to him. And indeed, it was coming out of her one-on-one with McCarthy that Mace said "bless her FUCKING heart" to reporters, so we probably get to watch this play out for a few more months.

Yep, it's all going well.

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