'Here's a Plan In the Midst Of Stupid Chaos'

When we last heard from our secret correspondent battling the robot-anal forces of the government, Nadine blew the whistle on "soul murdered political families," vampires, "Ted Haggert" and the increasingly disturbing "stomach terrorists."

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we shall learn of many more tragic and horrible things: death threats, "nuts and sluts" and M Day -- "M day is for dead people."

With the president of Russia poisoning dissident journalists in England and the usual lie-filled anniversary of JFK's assassination -- the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979 that Kennedy's murder was the result of a conspiracy -- we find Nadine's dispatches to be only slightly stranger than the actual news. Sadly, Nadine's previously impeccable typing has somewhat deteriorated. See for yourself, after the jump.

Here's a plan in the midst of stupid chaos.



Here's a plan in the midst of stupid chaos. Spend a Thanksgiving with some female troops at the White House, either the day or day before, and do the medal then. You do the right thing, and send the right message to the troops that you are sharing the day with the military family, and sending support to troops around the world.


It's not just CPA's at Enron who fall for the seduction of being crony wannabe's, why don't we get to the bottom of that anyway and see the new professional domestic violence terrorism comes from narcissistic lawyers. They displace and hijack families to use and abuse people into serving their 'tail wags the dog" dysfunctional addictions. We should be making sure kids put into foster care aren't getting into more of the same, nonstop mortgaging of their mental health and their future by people using them again as pawns.

The kids won't know what's going on because this abuse and theft feels familiar, but it is what it is. Two wrongs don't make a right, and these kids deserve interventions by people looking out for their best long-term interest, not addicts out for a short-term fix. Maybe this is what Bush was talking about with people who want instant gratification, instead of role-modeling deferring gratification for a better long-term result.

Instead everyone wants to pimp the ride of anyone with narcissistic lawyers at the helm, and respond instantly to any extortion from them, while ignoring people who are advocating interventions for these nonstop abuse cycles. Narcissistic lawyers want to get into the woodwork of any group, and inbed themselves like termites in the woodwork, to make sure no options but forced enslavement to negotiating with terrorists is the only thing on the agenda. They won't stop here trying to displace and hijack my case which is about the fact that the majority of citizens want the law to force ethics onto the table of all negotiations. That's why they don't want the story of my case to come out, because it reveals how these cronies in Washington are using the same playbook as previously used at the City of Dallas. This case is the story of how the citizens rose up to make the system work for everyone by voting in Laura Miller, formerly an activist journalist, and activating accountability in the City Auditor's office, which previously was being used for political terrorism. Narcissistic terrorists don't want you to know any other options, and think crimes like prostituting people and committing fraud, extortion, etc. is normal.


YEAH earlier I gave merith the same offer to help with the case, since a psychiatrist could certainly help with the emotional scars of foster children, and he seemed offended. He's not out here to contribute, he's here to take. Corrupt minds think alike, and they slap each other on the back like good old boys who think if they both do the wrong thing it will make a right.

Two wrongs don't make a right, it's called collusion.


330am - No more stealing from the poor to give to the rich - Poverty is no crime, but extortion is, and I have had it with people trying to displace and hijack this case.

Yeah, now He's just doing death threats. Before it was "give me enough money to retire on or you're going to die." Everyone who comes out here thinks they are so original, but they are instantly corrupted by the absolute power of this insane technology.

This case is about ethics, you know, doing the right thing, and the rule of law. Somehow I get some addicts out here who think they are so bright with their manipulation and acting out, but they are just like any addict out on the street who has given up on life and doesn't know when to stop. One guy came out here and let me know he needed money to fix up the infrastructure of a family farm where a school friend lived, and I told him I would give him some money for that. Then they started in on the fact that that didn't provide any "cash flow" so I said if

you want to take on some of the responsibilities of my case I will give you money to do that. Then they run with that and take custody of some children related to the case who ended up orphaned, without asking me, and when I pointed out that the head of this family is an alcoholic who had acted out at my expense, just the opposite of what they vulnerable children needed, they punted me out. I was mortified at all the lying and addiction that was going on in my name, when they used me and my case to gain custody of children who need to know that treatment works,

and anything else is called a "relapse" and not a sign that the family gives up and forces everyone to wear a mask of enabler. These children's parents would not have wanted these people to have these children without me to protect them, and I stood up and called this as I saw it. Fraud by manipulative narcissists who try to prostitute me

and prostitute their own children and who were going to make a big mess even bigger. Since I am the eighth of nine children, I am extremely sensitive to people acting out at the expense of children; it makes me livid.

This is also what this case is about. Children. Children's defense and helping children aging out of foster care, and helping African American children get on the right path instead of ending up in jail, on the streets, in gangs in lieu of family, etc. Why do people think I should cave in to extortion to fund their retirements just because I am vulnerable in the short term? I have always said that no one is going to get decadently rich off of this case, not even my family, but some people won't stop terrorizing and stealing from the poor to give to the rich. They won't stop trying to make their problems ours, until we make them stop., so please consider the source since there is a lot of lying going on. Nobody speaks for me, but a lot of ignorant arrogant corrupt people are hijacking here.



major character stripping "nuts and sluts" continues, and the FBI should be checking out those Wichita Falls medical records , if they're honest of course. I made the mistake of pointing out to mareth that there are two copies of everything, and he seems to think I've given hims a handy tip. Auditors document everything, but can't overrcome fraud and collusion by abusive authority overriding internal controls and selective enforcement of the rules.

You should be very concerned about this technology, as it is master-slave and inherently corrupt. The females on this case have consistently been professional and direct. Anyone who would intentionally put this into another person 's body is insane, and anyone who would agree to have it put into their body also needs to be protected from themselves. To put it in the hands of military psychopaths to supposedly only be used on psychopath terrorists is really naïve. Informed citizens needs to know enough to protect themselves, and then have it 3xplained that reviving the draft willl help keep sanity in the loop here.



Assaults all weekend tha this will be ove soon and incinuations tha they would be out here Sunday night. Now they are saying now an ditis is nonstop threats. Death threats. Thereats that if I don't do it his way I will die. Mareth is sent ou there to play roipe a dope iwith thmentally ill. Nonstop sexual assaults and general ly trying the imprison me with the " nuts and sluts" routine they use against whistleblowers. Retaliation. Another ploy bvy the bush administratiofn to defraud me of my now moment, and messge about swticking tlogehter an keeping my head down. What a liar an dfraud, righ t along with this stupid claim tha I wan evfeything instantly. Are you kiddingt? This is a cover up nosntp to keep pushing this forward, with lies and abuse cylces addiction imprisonment.

830pm bp 158/89 p88

230pm bp 110/70 p94



This is to document the use of "instantaneous" by bush on Friday. Totally abusrb they've been sadists for five years and he's going around saying "everybody wants things instantly these days." No he's saying with time on my side I can kill her with the beauracracy and get way with it right under everyones independent noses.bullshit it should have been v day or he's knows its death if he can skip one nmore v day and then claim he need 4-6 months. V day is for veterans and M day is for dead people.

1120pm bp131/74 p88 heart is bruised and inflamed from yesterday lt assault

anal assaults for moving around room closing curtains, using the toilet


anal assault rapists are threatene tha I am moving around the room folding laundry, tec. They aare homidicidally jealous and are charginfg that I hav e stolen money. I told them I have not ttsstolen money from anyone. They gelong in jaifl, nonstop threats for breathing while female, and it is obvious these people need to be nrought up on charges or they will not stop following these delusions of Sfnipes



Death threats that I cma comhome in a body bag. And dateline assault with wonderin how I feels to be fhot. Assult from right side. Left side intermittent rapid fire slave whipping on left buttocks. Left side assault on turn from being th hunte to being the hunted.

Computer has been hacked into. Assaulted on this staement, and comuter ws interrupred andhad error when turned on to tha effect.



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