Stanky Leg

OK that headline may be overselling this a little bit. Hillary Clinton is 67, and she is a white grandma lady, so we can forgive her for not having the moves of a Beyoncé or a Michelle Obama. But she's trying!

Hillary went on the Ellen DeGeneres Teevee Lesbian LOL Giggles Hour, and the full interview aired Thursday, but Ellen went ahead and released this clip of Hillz trying to learn to do the "Whip" and the "Nae Nae," which are hippy-hoppy dances yr Wonkette has heard of, due to they are sweeping the nation!

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So, according to the very serious news source The Hill, the "Nae Nae" is a dance you do to the song "Watch Me" by a rappity-hopper named Silento. Other moves from the song, which Clinton will have to perfect if she EVER wants to be president, are the Stanky Leg, the Yule, and the Superman.

According to a new poll, Bernie Sanders is already doing the Stanky Leg on Hillary in Iowa, and he almost broke a goddamned hip, so GET OFF YOUR EMAIL AND STOP DOING BENGHAZI, HILLARY, do you even want to WIN THIS?

For a very good demonstration of the Nae Nae, we go now to the badass morning news team at Action News 5 in Memphis, Tennessee, where yr Wonkette lives! We like our news people, because on top of being great at the news, they also do dumb shit like this, for our entertainment:

Hillary should also probably learn to Hit The Quan, oh look, the Action New 5 ladies can help with that too:

In conclusion, Memphis news is better than yours and also this post is about Hillary Clinton dancing on the Ellen show.


[The Hill / Ellen Show]

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