Sad MyPillow Idiot Duped By Fake Donald Trump, Hilarity Ensues

One of the most shockingest things about the launch of the new free speech Print-Out-The-YouTubes social media site from MyPillow's dear leader Mike Lindell on Monday was that it went poorly. And that guy is usually so together!

But no, the site, which we believe is called "PillowTalk," but don't quote us on that unless you are noting what a hilarious joke it is, did not work. Lindell claimed his venture was being taken down by hackers and trolls, in the greatest hacker and troll attack in the history of the entire internet.

Instead, he started a 48-hour "Frankathon" (the site is actually called "Frank," but its mom calls it "Francis" when she's mad), a livestream to keep the millions of people anxiously awaiting the new site interested. And Lindell interviewed such luminaries as Michael Flynn and Ted Nugent — you know, the guys you want in your corner when you're trying to dress for success.

And people called in! Oh, people called in.

You could see the excitement on Lindell's face when Donald Trump called in to the Frankathon to give his warmest regards and attaboys. Lindell hunkered down close to the phone, we guess so he could try to breathe in that Trump stench through the speaker.

So exciting! It was Donald Trump!

"Oh, we have the president here, our real president, everyone, hello Mister President!" said Lindell, about the caller, who was not actually Donald Trump, because the Mar-a-Loser doesn't actually give a fuck about Mike Lindell. He was probably playing golf. It was a prank caller, yet another prank caller, saying decidedly non-PillowTalkobscenities to Mike Lindell, who has clearly said his new free speech website is a No Cussing Club.

And oh, Mike Lindell was MAD.

"You see what they're doin', they're attacking us, they're attacking us, and this is what, I mean, they, it even came up, that it was a legitimate number," Lindell babbled and whined, because he really thought Trump was calling him.

And that is how Mike Lindell's day went yesterday. That video above right there has been watched over a million times, which may be the most exposure Lindell's dumb fucking website ever gets.

As of this moment, it works, if by "works" you mean if you go to the website and click on a link, it suddenly says "registration successful," like it's maybe somehow automatically "registering" every person who visits. (There is a reason we are not linking it.)

If you want even more updates on Lindell's "Frankathon," Business Insider has a thing. Apparently somewhere around 1:30 this morning, Lindell lobbed this zinger at Jimmy Kimmel, who has been making fun of him:

"He said I was on drugs and crack cocaine and all that stuff," Lindell said on his livestream. He then accused Kimmel of being an addict himself. "He said I'm lucky I have all my teeth. Maybe you're an addict too, Jimmy," he said.

Oh well OK. Good one, Pillow Guy!


"I'll sleep for a couple hours later," Lindell said at 3 a.m. "And it'll be quality sleep, on my MyPillow!"

Sure thing.

[Business Insider]

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