Heritage Foundation Nerds Are HAWT!

Hi, I'm George Will! - WonketteAs we've learned from countless softcore movies on Cinemax, housewives are invariably hot young things always ready to have sex with Think Tank geeks. Today's totally Not Safe For Work ad on Craigslist is from an alleged 32-year-old housewife who wants to get nasty with "guys who work at the Heritage foundation or other conservative think tanks." She(?) continues:

I know I will get some email of someone accusing this of being some scam but it really isnt, I just have a real fetish for intellectual conservatives. That said I'm looking to talk dirty online and if its good enough and we click maybe meet in person. Married move to the front of the line. Don't bother if you dont meet my stipulations I will not answer you.
Sadly, she isn't looking for a copy editor.

looking to talk dirty with guys at Heritage foundation - w4m [Craigslist]


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