Herman Cain Watches Girl Torture Goldfish From Mountaintop


Here is a little girl throwing water and mud on top of a goldfish she dumped on the ground. Did you know that it's also a political ad from Herman Cain, decrying the Stimulus? Of course you did, what else would it be.

The ad doesn't really explain what's going on in the ad. There is a girl and she is just stone cold killin' her fish, and then there is ol' Herman "Herb" Cain watching it all from atop a mountain in Mordor. But oh, what is this -- a description from the YouTube page!

The goldfish is fine, but our economy isn't. Are you Sick yet? In essence, stimulus has been just like throwing a bucket of water on a fish and expecting him to swim on land. [...]

We want Solutions, not more Stimulus coming from Washington D.C.

We the people are Sick of Stimulus!

Ah, got it. Shut up.

[YouTube via The Atlantic]


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