The best part of 'Game Change' is how all the GOP candidates hate Romney's guts.World-class asshole Mitt Romney was flying back from the Winter Olympics -- he must always remind everyone that he worked at the Winter Olympics once -- when a fellow passenger tried to punch him out. Already a perfect story, right? WELL IT GETS BETTER, because the reason the guy attacked Romney is because Romney was telling the guy to put his seat up.

The man sitting in front of Ann Romney leaned his seat back, and when Mitt Romney asked him to move it upright before the plane took off, the man became physically violent.

Ha ha, yeah, it surely happened just like that. Or, perhaps, busybody dickhead Mitt Romney just started telling strangers what to do, expecting everybody to take orders from the famous businessman Mitt Romney, who after all once worked at the Winter Olympics. And then the passenger glanced back, saw that helmet of game-show-host hair on that smug tanned face .... the Dalai Lama himself would've jumped over the seat and crushed Mittens' skull.

Anyway, the Canadian Horse Army boarded the plane and gave the attacker a firm what-for and then the jet flew to Los Angeles, where Romney was expected to get his pussy waxed. [My Fox/Boston Globe]


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