Heroic Ray Nagin Brings Greetings, Swine Flu To Australia

  • "The elderly man who allegedly triggered a fatal shootout today at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington has a long history of racist and antisemitic anger, but is also an artist with a special fondness for ducks..." [ABC News]
  • Swine flu cases are proliferating like the dickens in Australia. Ray Nagin just arrived in Australia. Coincidence? [Wall Street Journal]
  • The only thing worse than having to take the Tube in the summer is not being able to take the Tube in the summer, due to striking workers. [Times Online]
  • Nearly one-third of the mortgages that went into foreclosure in Q1 belonged to prime borrowers. Green shoots! [Bloomberg]
  • China is not psyched about the US sending Uighurs to scenic Palau instead of to China, where they could be properly executed. [AP]
  • The Treasury Department is meddling in the free market by telling Vikram Pandit he can't make more than $500,000 a year in exchange for destroying the economy. [New York Times]

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