Herschel Walker Running For Senate To Save Joe Rogan From Cancel Culture

Friends in Georgia are seriously worried that US Senate candidate Herschel Walker could unseat Democratic incumbent Rev. Raphael Warnock. They aren’t nervous Nellies. They know the state, and Walker has a long history of appealing to white moderates. He’s easy-going and non-ideological. That’s an advantage Walker has over previous GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler, whose “I’m just like Attila the Hun but less personable” platform failed to resonate. (Walker’s son is a craven asshole in the Donald Trump Jr. mold but he’s not actually running.)

Loeffler smeared Warnock with racist attacks, but Walker will take a different tact. He’ll make white (and, yes, many Black) moderates feel better about themselves. This shameless strategy was on full display during Walker’s Sunday appearance on Fox News’s “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.”

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Bongino ranted about the liberal “victim culture” where everyone’s a victim while whining to Walker about how multi-millionaire Joe Rogan is a cancel culture victim. Walker took his cue and defended his old buddy, Joe.

Here’s the video:

First of all, I’m sad, because I know Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is not a racist. He’s a great guy and I love Joe Rogan. And I want to tell Joe Rogan “keep doing your thing.”

You can tell how close Walker and Rogan are because Walker keeps calling the guy “Joe Rogan.”

I can’t believe I have to say this again, but Rogan described a movie theater filled with Black people as the Planet of the Apes. That’s pretty racist. Sure, he’s not an actual member of the Klan but if the bar is really that high, then conservatives should stop freaking out over critical race theory or the 1619 Project.

Rogan has raved on his podcast about Walker’s "perfect genetics" and "super-jacked physique,” and if you’ve never read a history book in your life, you might assume a racist wouldn’t appreciate the commercial appeal of a big, strong Black body.

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Walker told Bongino that he’s running for Senate precisely to defend people like Rogan.

WALKER: We gotta get out of this cancel culture, because in the First Amendment, it gives you the right to say what you want to say. If you don’t agree with the Left, you’re gonna be canceled out. That’s the reason I decided to run. Right now I want everybody to stand up and say “the buck stops here.” The buck’s gotta stop with Herschel Walker because I love America.

So, that’s a lot of bullshit. Rogan is free to speak his mind, but no one is obligated to pay him for this service. Spotify doesn’t give every random bigot a $100 million contract. Rogan’s problems are a private sector issue. There’s nothing a sitting senator could do to prevent artists leaving Spotify because they don’t want to professionally associate with Rogan. That’s their constitutional right and a clear example of “the buck stops here.”

Also, a pandemic exists that has killed at least 32,000 Georgians, and only 53 percent of the state is vaccinated. Those all seem like bigger concerns than Joe Rogan.

Notice how Walker suggests that “don’t say the n-word” or “don’t compare Black people to apes” are exclusively liberal views. This isn’t a debate over trickle-down economics or single-payer healthcare, but Walker’s appealing to racist, anti-vaxx, 2020-election deniers who consider objective truth a form of leftist tyranny.

If you Google “Herschel Walker and Joe Rogan,” the first article that comes up is from the Daily Caller, which praises his attack on big bad cancel culture. Conservatives just need one Hershel Walker to tell them that every other Black person is wrong. That’s worth overlooking a disturbing history of domestic violence.

Loeffler easily won voters between 50 and 64 and dominated among voters 65 and older. Those demographics have fond memories of former Georgia Bulldog Herschel Walker. Let’s make sure to turn out the voters who are less wistful of the past.


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