Herschel Walker Completely Shocked To Learn Trump Thinks 2020 Election Stolen

Georgia Republicans are today going to pick Herschel Walker, a complete fucking idiot with a swarm of scandalous ethical questions around him, to be their Senate nominee. Hopefully that will be the last thing he wins, like ever.

But if somehow things don't go his way tonight, we guess we won't have to worry about him having a conniption and saying the election was stolen, because he apparently doesn't think the guy who drafted him into running has ever said his own election was stolen, so why would Herschel Walker think such a thing?

That's a screengrab of the tweet that contains the video, but hit the link above and you can watch it for yourself. (Tweets aren't embedding at Wonkette this week for some reason.)

Walker was asked if he believes the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Walker replied, "I think reporters say that, I don't know whether President Trump has said it, but he never said that to me, I'm not arguing with you ..."

The interviewer was like "He says it over and over. Please."

But let the record show that Walker claims to believe that reporters say the election was stolen from Donald Trump, but that Trump himself does not say it. To clarify: no real reporter living or dead has ever said the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Note we said real reporter.

"No no no no, he has never, I've never heard President Trump say that," said Herschel Walker, because Herschel Walker has never heard him say that.

Golly, is he lying or stupid or bugfuck or what? And do you care which it is, really?

Because Wonkette is not afraid to be service-y and haphazardly glance at the internet in order to help clear up whatever confusions Herschel Walker may be having today, here is [checks notes] Donald Trump being interviewed this very week by Fox Business celebrity host Stuart Varney, who was BEGGINGFUCKINGBEGGING Trump to stop saying the election was stolen.


In response to Varney's BEGGINGFUCKINGBEGGING, Trump said, "All you have to do is see 2,000 Mules or go on Truth. Take a look at Truth. You should someday talk about Truth as a business thing. It’s hot as a pistol, Truth Social."

Take a look at Truth, Stuart, take a look at Truth! It's hot as a pistol, the Truth Social! It's hot as 2,000 Mules, the Truth Social! It's like 2,000 Mules with pistols!

Varney was like no stop please.

So Trump said, "If you don’t look at history, you’re going to be lost. It’s going to happen again. You can’t let it happen again. You have to study."

And Varney was like no stop please.

So Trump said, "So, somebody robs the jewelry store of all the jewelry, you should just let them be alone, right? Just say, OK, he got away with it. You know, I just — I disagree with that. And a lot of people in the party disagree with that, Stuart."

He just disagrees with that, Stuart.

He just disagrees with that, Herschel.

Goddammit, fuck all these people, OPEN THREAD.

[h/t Joe.My.God]

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