He's A War President, It'll Be A War Ball

We were sort of hoping all the festivities for the inauguration next month would be a way to get everyone's minds off the whole botched war in Iraq thing (not so much the black tie as the open bars), but apparently, that ain't gonna happen.

Today, the 55th Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) Chairman Jeanne Johnson Phillips and Executive Director Greg Jenkins announced the inaugural theme, "Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service", and the schedule of events surrounding the 55th Presidential Inauguration.

"We are a nation at war, and it is fitting that the inaugural events reflect not only the great sacrifices made by our troops everyday to protect our freedom, but also the cherished ideals that make our nation so unique," said Phillips.

There's even going to be a special "Freedom Ball" for troops coming back from the Middle East. We're all for that -- though you'd think they've suffered enough without having to endure the D.C. party circuit. But something about the whole "sacrifice" theme just doesn't seem to add up this time around... can't quite figure out why not...

Inauguration Shooting For Record Costs [UPI]

55th Presidential Inaugural Committee Unveils Inaugural Theme and Schedule of Events [US Newswire]


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