Hey, Check Out This Totally Real ‘Democrat Voters Against Biden’ Group!

You've probably heard about Never Trump conservative Bill Kristol's group, Republican Voters Against Trump. These are Republicans who still possess a human soul and so are horrified by what Donald Trump has done to the nation. The group's ads are effective because they offer moving testimonials from Republicans about how Trump is an existential threat to the values that conservatives claim are important to them, such as patriotism, national security, and continued lung function.

This is one from former Homeland Security secretary Elizabeth Neumann, who declares the country "less safe today" because of Trump's malicious incompetence. She also thinks he's hella racist. She supported Trump in 2016 because of abortion but she's riding with Biden in 2020.

There are also ads featuring regular Joe Republican voters who have ditched Trump because he's despicable.

You can imagine Trump yelling at Jared Kushner or whoever else is running his sputtering Ford Pinto campaign at the moment that if Biden has “Republican Voters Against Trump," he should have a “Democrat Voters Against Biden."

“What am I paying you people for!" he'd scream and no one would have the nerve to mention that he hasn't paid them in weeks.

Someone seized the initiative, though, and there's now a genuine, bonafide, electrified Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden. It's the product of an existing nonprofit called Americans for Responsible Government. However, it's possible that this is not entirely on the up-and-up. The first clue is that the group calls itself “Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden" instead of “Democratic Voters" like common Democrats. The other major one is the group doesn't seem to include any actual Democrats.

The Daily Beast reports:

Those involved, however, do include a Republican operative whose group illicitly funneled millions into political contests, a longtime Trump fan whose son works for the president's campaign, and a self-described celebrity psychic who's taught best practices for exorcisms.

Obviously, we're going to jump ahead to the “self-described celebrity psychic." John Michael Capaldi, a director of Americans for Responsible Government, told the Daily Beast that he voted for Trump in 2016 and plans to vote for him again. It's possible he was never a Democrat or a big believer in “responsible" government. He also claims on his Instagram page that he's an "internationally known celebrity psychic, life coach and stylist." I've never heard of the guy, and I usually do well on Trivial Pursuit's “celebrity psychics of all nations" category.

[Capaldi's LinkedIn page] also details his experience with the supernatural and the occult, noting his participation in a number of "ghost hunts" and his experience teaching classes including "Exorcisms Done Right." In an interview on Tuesday, Capaldi said he "stopped working in that world, and the reason I did is too many people are doing it and unless you have a TV show it's not fun."

Americans for Responsible Government is headed by Arizona bottled water titan Steve Nickolas, who has a bit of a vendetta against Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris. When she was California attorney general, Harris put the hammer on his similarly named group, Americans for Responsible Leadership. The ARL and another group paid a $1 million fine to settle allegations that they'd not-so-responsibly illegally laundered $11 million in political contributions. It was apparently all Harris's fault that Nickolas and his associates committed a crime that she noticed.

Harris, he said, "ran us through the wringer ... Her tactics were appalling and I was very upset with how it was handled."

Poor baby. That explains his so-called "personal stake in this election." His ass still bears the print of Harris's Chuck Taylors.

Nickolas has tried scrounging up some real Democrats for his ragamuffin operation. It's hard, though. Democrats actually like Joe Biden. He's not a psychopath. He returns the books you loaned him without the pages all dogeared. The group has posted a whopping single video from a "registered Democrat" who isn't supporting Biden, and he's from Arizona, where Biden is leading most polls.

Public records and social media postings reveal that his full name is Tracy Chavez, that his son is a field organizer for the Trump campaign, and that—per his son—he has been a Trump supporter since the 1980s.

LOL. That's almost longer than Ivanka. You probably shouldn't trust the judgment of anyone who supported Donald Trump prior to his cosplaying the role of a successful businessman on "The Apprentice."

Unfortunately for the president, no one who's actually worked for Biden has repudiated him, unlike Neumann, Miles Taylor, and others who are still trying to wash away Trump's stench. None of Biden's nieces have Mary Trumped him. Even Anita Hill is voting for Biden, and I'm sure that was a big potential get for "Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden." Too bad. Lovers of democracy are sticking with Uncle Joe.

[The Daily Beast]

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